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How To Turn Your Client’s Problems Into Pay-Offs

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  • Lifetime Access to Trainings That Transform -  $19,997 Value
  • ​Identity Identifier Toolkit - $5,795 Value
  • ​Bulletproof Client Results System - $2,997 Value
  • ​Myron's Transformational Content Playbook - $9,997 Value
  • ​Million Dollar Share funnel Shortcuts - $9,997 Value


  • 7-Figure Coaches Calculator
  • ​Overwhelm Annihilator Masterclass - How to Annihilate Overwhelm In Yourself & More Importantly Your Clients!
  • ​RETIRED* Charge Your Worth Challenge Instant Access
  • ​BETA GROUP ONLY *4 LIVE* Asked & Answered Q&A Sessions with Myron & Deedee

Total Value $48,783

Your Today for Only $1,997

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for service-based businesses or do you have to want to be a coach?
This is for coaches, course creators, authors, speakers, and business owners whose aspects of their business include creating transformation and helping people get results.
Also, if you are a service provider who would like to teach other people to do what you do or add a coaching aspect to your business this is for you. 
I’m in another one of Myron or Deedee’s programs, is this included?
Trainings That Transform is included in King Solomon’s Wisdom Inner Circle & Millionaire Marketing Mastery.
I'm very interested, but what if I can’t make it to the live calls?
If you can’t make it to the live calls that’s understandable! Replays are swiftly uploaded to your member area.
If you can’t make it to the live Q&A call, we will be answering pre-submitted questions first. So even if you can’t make the call your questions will always be answered and waiting for you on the replay.
 How long is the offer valid?
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The offer is available at this price until there is no time left on the timer.
Is there a payment plan?
There is not a payment plan for Trainings That Transform.
 When does the live training start?
Jun 28, 2022, 11 am est. 
Do you need to have already started a business?
No. but you need to at least intend to create a course, mentoring program, authors, speakers, or a coaching business or intend to start one.
 I’m an *insert niche* (example: hair business) coach. I don’t have a course yet. Will this work for me?
What if I don’t have a coaching program yet?
If you don’t have a coaching program yet, that’s okay. The question is do you have expertise that you can extract and teach to other people? If so then this will work for you.
Will you be incorporating biblical teachings?
Bible teachings are infused in everything we teach.
Will this help me fill the gap with my user being different than my customer?
It will help you create transformation in the user so they learn. It will help you create better results for your students which will create better reviews for you with the user and the customers.
I’m brand new to network marketing and have no mastery in the business, will this help me?
Yes, it will help you to attract clients to yourself with your own course or coaching program, who you can then recruit into your own network marketing business.
What kind of support is involved ? 
For the BETA group there will be live Q&A calls where your questions will be answered. 
If I had to sum up the most transformational advice I’ve received from a mentor, it would be these three words from Myron Golden…
“Make. More. Offers.”
Sounds simple, right? And when you have the kind of guidance and encouragement Myron provides, it really is. Fair warning though, sometimes you may find resistance rearing its ugly head, whispering that you can’t do it because of (fill in the blank with your self-sabotaging excuses), or that you’re not prepared enough, good enough, smart enough…
Those are just your old stories kicking into gear.
But with Myron guiding you, you’ll soon annihilate those limiting beliefs, especially when you experience for yourself the power of simply making more offers.
Here’s what happened in just 30-days when I followed Myron’s counsel…
• I did it without the new program even being created yet…
• I did it without paid ads, a launch or any joint-venture partners…
• I moved forward without ONE word of copy or a website for my offer…
• I had an 80% close rate for my new offer…
• I made OTHER additional offers…
• I increased my monthly revenue from my previous “highest ever” by 55%...
• And in just 30-days, I brought in $145,646.
Yep, that’s how powerful it is. And there is only ONE person you should trust to get you moving in the right direction with more offers…my mentor and trusted friend Myron Golden.
And here’s the thing…
Not only is Myron an amazing mentor. He’s an amazing PERSON.
That often gets lost in the shuffle these days, especially with so many high-powered self-anointed gurus and instant experts running rampant on the Internet.
The difference is working with a man who is smart, funny, wise, inspired, authentic, and truly CARES about those he is called to serve. Who knows who you are. Who sees your potential even when you falter. Who is committed to supporting your success if you’re willing to do YOUR part.
If you have the opportunity to work with Myron Golden, take a deep breath, fasten your seatbelt, and GO for it. You’ll be blessed beyond measure.
~Tina Lorenz

Tina Lorenz -The Queen Of Copy

Tina did $145,646.00 in sales in just 30 days

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